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Wer wir sind

Der Podcast Club Schweiz versammelt Schweizer Audioproduzenten zum Ideenaustausch und gegenseitiger Unterstützung bei der Erstellung von erstaunlichen Audioinhalten aus der Schweiz.

Der Club ist offen für alle, die in bestehende oder zukünftige Schweizer Podcastprjekte involviert sind oder sein möchten.

Who we are

Podcast Club Switzerland is gathering Swiss audio producers to exchange ideas and to help each other creating amazing audio content out of Switzerland.

The club is open to everybody who is or wants to be involved in current or future Swiss podcast projects.

Next Events

Let’s hang out, connect and learn!

What we produce

Our club members produce a wide variety of podcasts, from talks (the germans call them “Laberpodcast”) to reports and features. We keep a growing list of Swiss podcasts - it already has almost 100 entries!

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Podcast Club Members share their know-how.


A collection of links to our favourite resources.