How we did it: Meat
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How we did it: Meat


We are so excited to have Jonathan Zenti join the Podcast Club to share his process in this award-winning podcast "Meat". How did he get the idea? What was his challenges along the way? How did being a finalist of Radiotopia's Podquest in 2016 change the outlook for his show and how he approches his work? Yes, he was one of 1537 proposals to be selected. We'll grab a beer and hear all about it.

And yes, Jonathan is coming up all the way from Milan to meet us for this, that's why we are having it on a Friday evening. I hope many of you still can make it!

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Christmas Drinks


Christmas is approaching, and before you are all off to your mountain huts, we thought it could be nice to cheers with each other and celebrate the work we did in 2018! We’re amazed how the Podcast Club has gone from being an idea over wine to a vibrant and beautiful community with meaningful exchange.

And guess what - we have loads in store for 2019!! And we would like to take a moment to share this with you at this gathering. And yesssss bring some podcast recommendations please, so that we can lock ourselves into a closet in the middle of the Christmas chaos and enjoy a nice audio piece... riiiiight?

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